Spring-Summer 24 Fabrics: Knits

Knits play with fineness, by turns airy, light and breathable thanks to their openwork stitches, or supple and firm, marked by a silky fluidity, for dynamic, entirely charming day looks. Or, in a different vein, chic cottons draw inspiration from color wovens for structures with precise, refined and highly elaborate patterns. 

Aerating knits 

Of course, fine-gauge, almost ethereal knits are as functional as they are refined. Thanks to sophisticated stitches, openwork ribs, farrow rib stitches, mesh or net, they filter UV rays, allow the skin to breathe and provide ample ventilation. Whether made of combed cotton, fresh linen, featherweight polyamide or “quick dry” polyester, whether from lingerie, sports or ready-to-wear, these knits promise lightweight tee-shirts and polos with climatic comfort. 

Silky fluidity 

Viscose knits are growing firmer. Gleaming, supple and wavy, they move gracefully, but are never limp. With their firmly-set textures, they have an all-out athletic look. Smooth and interlock jerseys, fine ribs and cozy fleeces have slippery, fleshy, sometimes elastic handles, for a comfortable but spruce everyday looks, somewhere between yoga wear, comfy at-home wear, and appealing sport apparel. 

Elaborated density 

Knits that are a match for the most refined shirtings, even imitating their fondness for vertical lines. Made of combed or twisted cottons, these knits reveal all the detail in their meticulous structures, which recall dobbies and basketwoven oxfords. Geometric damask, precise piqués, honeycombs and embossed designs give a lively zip to surfaces whose texture is sometimes accentuated by yarn-dyed contrasts, to add sophistication to tee-shirts, polo shirts or dresses. 

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