Spring-Summer 24 Designs : Plays on scale

Here, we find the simplicity and pragmatism that characterize the season. In macro or micro versions, designs feature multiple plays on scale that spark instant visual infatuation.   

Hybrid Fauna

Classic animals and animal prints find a new lease of life in diversity of scale. Miniature versions border on pointillism and proliferate to the point of erasing the background. At times, motifs enlarged to the extreme mix with other animal prints in the same pattern. Zebra stripes, scales and feathers layer atop one another, clouding foregone conclusions.   

Double Meanings 

This time, interpretations of animal print motifs interact with other types of patterns, resulting in explosive graphic and chromatic stories.   

Colors are high-energy and invite unexpected associations.   

Zebra stripes and blotches muddle the message by settling in the background and contrasting with florals, with naive, almost childlike treatments. Others move to the foreground in plays of colorful transparency and graphic layering.   

Pointillist Story

Precision of gesture returns again and again, with delicately placed dotted lines in the background forming playful and figurative scenes. In the foreground, colorful naive and repetitive realistic elements mix enthusiastically. 

Pixelized Decors 

Micro-motifs, particularly geometric and animal-inspired, appear in high-def. “Pointillist” compositions abound, concealing pixelated variations. They are embellished with plays of transparency in barely tinted color, like glossy masks.   

XXL Flowers

Flowers return again, now in XXL. Bright, vibrant colors are projected in flat tints for an ultragraphic rendering. Leaves and flowers with clear, precise contours flourish in abundance, sometimes completely covering backgrounds in a joyful, optimistic jungle.   

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