Spring-Summer 24 Designs : Pictorial paw

This theme revisits the exploration of line through the power of hand-drawing. A highly graphic, almost brutal rendering that conveys abstract intensity. 

Strength of Line

An homage to pictorial strength, through various techniques within the same drawing. Watercolors skew dark and diluted, sometimes almost disappearing, creating diffuse zig-zag effects. Imperfections and roughness are celebrated through the abstraction of broad brushstrokes and flat tints in dark or bright colors.   

Comic Book

Florals are handled like miniature stories, in the spirit of comic books. Precise, often black outlines underscore the drawings’ simplicity and highlight colorful graphic elements that come to the fore.   

Pastel Softness

A new style of tribute to nature and floral drawings, this time with a blurred treatment. Artistic techniques blend abstraction and realism in oils and dry pastels. The blurred impression is heightened by the use of soft colors, with an emphasis on grayed lilac, various acidic greens and artificial pinks. 

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