Spring-Summer 24 Designs : Digital retro

This season, the retro influence is resolutely turned towards the future. Geometric shapes refer to the Modernist and Cubist movements in more or less obvious ways. Such references are brought up to date through digital tools and unexpected chromatic combinations.   

70s Geometry

The 70s are back! Geometric shapes create flat areas of color with ultra-clean contours. Colors combine vintage shades and bright hues. Circles, squares and triangles mingle with other graphic elements and intertwine endlessly thanks to rotation techniques that create surprising visual effects.   


Geometric Sketches

Geometry gets a refreshing, arty touch in sketches made using a wide range of handheld tools. The sharpness of paper cut-outs contrasts with partially gradient or watercolor effects, charcoal or alternating oil and dry pastels. Such techniques are blended and merged thanks to digital blurring. Triangles, circles and irregular squares overlap randomly with a terrazzo-like effect, and sometimes integrate figurative elements. New color ranges harmonize in pastel and dark tones.   

Ascending Curves

Oversized undulations seem to express total freedom. Curves are accentuated to varying degrees, interlacing until they completely obscure the background. At times, they take on a more figurative aspect reminiscent of eccentric climbing plants. A psychedelic theme is accentuated by vivid, spontaneous color and pastels with acidic touches. 

Digital floral

Fauna and flora mingle in a retro-futuristic atmosphere. Photographic elements are enriched with broad brushstrokes and gradient effects evoking the early days of digital technology. Like lush mosaics of exuberant Edens, gardens in shades of orange browns and greenish blues blossom with immersive and totally unreal universes. 


3D Psychedelic

This aesthetic approach upends romantic codes as nostalgia gives way to innovation. Abstract motifs only barely show flora or precious minerals. Thanks to digital techniques, 3D effects and highly blurred outlines convey a disquieting atmosphere. Sensitive and futuristic, this theme is accentuated by cold, saturated and almost artificial colors, like lilac, violet, and green.   

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