Spring-Summer 24 Designs : Restrained graphics

Meeting the challenges of eco-responsibility invites us to rethink creative systems. In this context, frugality is more than ever a creative approach in its own right. The search for precision and simplicity creates an aesthetic of extreme purity. 

Two-Tone Florals

Flowers and foliage remain in the spotlight, now with a simplified treatment that aligns with the season’s search for economy of means. This theme is characterized by the harmonious use of neutral backgrounds and sobriety of motifs. To accentuate the graphic aspect, timeless motifs have more or less regular contours, but always with a very spontaneous feel. These are worked in two colors, evoking paper cut-out or engraving techniques.   



Minimalistic Vegetal  

Flora which testifies to a search for simplicity that’s both apparent and resolutely modern. Naive flowers and foliage are delicately placed on unbleached or beige grounds. Motifs are ethereal and simplified to the extreme, and sometimes distilled down to just freehand contours. Shades of green appear as an obvious tribute to nature.  


Paper cut-out techniques contrast here with the curved lines of foliage motifs. This season, such motifs are refreshed by plays on repetition, rotation or positive-negative renderings — a treatment energized by bold, often two-tone colors and shading. Graphic impact guaranteed!  

Kinetic Graphics

Geometric patterns with precise lines have impeccable visual impact. Graphic and abstract elements fully occupy the available space. The Op Art influence appears in black and white blended with convoluted lines and cross-hatching, repetitive lines that are juxtaposed or superimposed with hypnotizing cadences.

Cross-Hatched Constructions

Exploration of line defines the motifs for SS 24. Repetitive, choppy strokes of varying precision sometimes appear like doodles. Such linear, colorful, lively and optimistic constructions often evoke children’s drawings. Stripes and naïve figurative drawings are layered repeatedly, forming intriguing optical plays that give rhythm to a space. They also form complex and poetic networks that revisit flat colors.   

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