Spring-Summer 24 Decoration : Silkies and Fancy Jacquards

Without skimping on design, silks and jacquards feature enhanced reliefs thanks to grounds with organic, vibrant and rustic textures. Visual effects and handles are anything but rigid. 

Foliage Jacquards  

Plant-inspired motifs on silks and jacquards seem to burst out of the frame, influenced by upholstery fabrics with bold, and at times supersized, patterns.  

Leaves and tree bark are no longer simply imitated: they are examined, transposed into negative and enlarged beyond recognition. This macro-aesthetic approach to decor centers on the plant’s natural structure, turning its veins, volumes and textures into motifs on fabrics. 

Featherlight Touch  

The carefree spirit of the SS24 season — with its sweet, pastel palette and syrupy flavor — comes through in the lightness of the fabrics. The roundness, often reserved for solids, extends to designs. Whether concrete or abstract, these are enriched with fils coupés and metallic monochromes. Fragile, shivering wefts give romanticism a new twist, while transparencies and opaque featherweights lend a sassy vibe. 

Precious Textures  

Surface treatments on silks and jacquards have heightened shivering effects and metallic vibrations permeate structure and design. Metal — in gold, silver or gem tones — appears and disappears, adding depth to bases in primarily pastel tones.  

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