Spring-Summer 24 Decoration : Embroidery

A symbol of refinement, embroidery gets back to basics with delicate, romantic openwork designs. A dialogue between form and substance.  

New Trousseau 

The revitalization of craft techniques and the comeback of cotton and linen give eyelet embroidery a new lease on life. Oversized openwork brings visual impact. As if lifted from the trousseau of another era, revisited antique linens with upbeat minimalism and a lavender-scented aura and boost everyday life.   

Layered Messages  

An embellishment in itself, fishnet beautifully complements the season’s embroideries. Plant-inspired and cellular motifs are layered over mechanical orange or neon yellow. In this innovative graphic game, mesh distends to the point of unraveling on a selection of floral frieze designs. 

Enlightened Preciousness 

A sepia-tinged party mood offsets the season’s ambient simplicity. Softened sophistication comes in rhinestones, sequins and mirrors embroidered with metallic threads on straw-colored bases. The spirit of the Roaring Twenties, represented by Art Deco motifs, prevails over flamboyant Baroque. Large white or pastel florals round out this light-hearted eccentricity. 

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