Spring-Summer 24 Accessories: Not-So-Rustic Naturals

This season, natural fibers move out of their comfort zone and away from rustic codes to explore other kinds of applications. Whether expressive, romantic or functional, these are a key ingredient for accessories components.

Bridal Cottons

Beautiful old-fashioned linens and basketry inform a delightful new spin on romanticism. Textiles and embroideries with realistic, delicate designs favor natural materials, notably cotton and raffia. 

Packaging designs, such as fabric pouches, recall delicate stamens, while brooches in thick cotton and embroideries with geometric motifs put a new spin on long summer dresses. Patches mixing natural fibers with fine tone-on-tone beading complete this refined mood.

Belt buckles and buttons are made of raffia that is braided or embellished with wooden beads, accentuating simplicity of design and pairing effortlessly with summer cottons.

Artisanal Expression

Plant-based fibers also have a highly expressive rusticity. Raffia gets sophisticated in voluminous braiding on buttons and decorations, while zippers mix grosgrains and chunky cotton fringes. Ribbons and buckles with shaggy raffia fringes that seem to want to burst out of the frame while, in a more sophisticated register, natural materials are replaced by feathers that retain their natural colors.

Functional Rustic

Sportswear embraces naturalness. Zippers and other functional accessories combine synthetic materials and natural fibers, while resin tabs imitate wood and animal horn. Textile accessories feature textured weaves that heighten extreme resistance. Labels combine recycled paper and weaves, with brand names appearing in contemporary typography. Cords in recycled polyester recall natural ropes with varying degrees of smoothness.


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