Spring-Summer 24 Accessories: Color Spectrum

Color reigns supreme for Spring-Summer 2024.

Accessories energize and illuminate the season’s clothing and Bag & Shoe products, injecting a healthy dose of optimism. Radiant, eye-catching chromatic intensity ranges from solids and vivid monochromes to more diffuse, punctual touches.


A high-energy universe that celebrates the power of color. Functional accessories in ultra-matte, uniform materials play out as flat color placements in color-blocked or monochrome designs. Bag chains with a talcy finish offer the perfect contrast to lacquered, glossy leathers, while zippers, tabs and buttons appear on clothing in tone-on-tone or clashing colors.

Water marbling

Gradients of diffused color are worked with transparency on resins and rubbers. Buckles feature diluted or haloed chromatic effects. Patches and panels are covered with flamboyant undulations that create hypnotic halos, and matte Plexiglas chains come in slightly acidic pastel tones, like a psychedelic rainbow.


Neutral tones accented with touches of color take pride of place, creating a delicate, natural mood. Patches and buttons in eco-designed translucent materials are enriched with colorful composite elements. An upcycling aesthetic revisits the terrazzo-like motifs. In textiles, zips and ribbons are made of recycled materials. Unexpected chromatic effects also surface on chains and stoppers. Projected onto matte biopolymers, these will fit perfectly with Sport & Tech or urban clothing.

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