Spring-Summer 24 Accessories: Between Dream and Reality   

This season, nature merges with the virtual world to create an immersive, otherworldly, Eden-inspired universe. A fantasy universe for accessories with romantic influences brought up-to-date through digital tools.

Dream Garden

Floral embellishments are revisited and adjusted through a digital prism. Opalescent gradients and glossy materials anchor maximalist jewels in an artificial paradise. Brooches evoke ornamental flowers, and opulent pearls and precious stones have blue and violet reflections that project them into a surreal future. Leaves with serrated openwork effects and delicate copper filaments are coated in iridescent finishes, like a portal into an evanescent, dreamlike world.

Virtual Sensuality

A hybrid universe bridges floral, organic and digital worlds. Embellishments evoke strange blooms — part orchid, part poisonous flower — that are deliberately scaled up on textiles and jewel appliques, in red gelled materials with a carnal, virtual sensuality. Elsewhere, labels sport lacquered surfaces, while computer-generated 3D motifs in darkened violet tones create an enchanting, mysterious atmosphere.

Dreamlike Abysses

A journey into an imaginary abyss, characterized by cold, aquatic colors. Ribbons and textile decorations enriched with crystalline pearls entwine endlessly, evoking eddies in the ocean’s depths, while lacy strips made of light, delicate plasticized filaments mimic ephemeral seafoam. 

Ribbons with gel-like textures evoke a profusion of luxuriant algae, ornaments are decorated with sinuous waves, and embroideries mimic flourishing marine microorganisms.


Soft Iridescence

Here, we explore new shine treatments with veiled iridescence and mattified, smoothed and attenuated effects. Mother-of-pearl buttons and zippers reveal partially darkened sparkles. Zippers are adorned with colorful, muted metallic effects mimicking shagreen. Labels feature abstract motifs and subtle holographic, pointillist effects, while ribbons are made of textiles woven with ultra-fine metallic threads to temper shine.

3D Chrome

A focus on chrome and its various finishes for textures full of movement. Ornamentations form stylized, maximalist flowers with a sparkling surface. Whether puffed or worked in relief, their volume is inspired by 3D imagery, an ideal finishing touch for futuristic bags. Flowing, almost liquid effects surface on stylized floral ornaments and brooches with a Surrealist vibe.

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