“Solar vision”: AW 24-25 season unveiled in a new teaser

Discover the exclusive fashion teaser for Autumn-Winter 24-25, a visual dive into the major creative trends of this new solar season.


At the dawn of powerful transformations impacting our creative and industrial approaches, Autumn-Winter 24-25 invites us to consider our natural resources more responsibly.  

Central to this new perspective, the power of the sun emerges as a vital source of inspiration. A promise of sustainability, the sun’s boundless, renewable and universal energy steers our hopes toward the future. A solar radiance transcends materials and reveals textures, highlighting weaves and surfaces. Its light gives rise to new, intensified shines, and gives shape to an enhanced, updated elegance. The legacy of iconic Couture know-hows is reinvented, imbued with added performance.

By adopting approaches focused on circularity, the Autumn-Winter 24-25 season invites us to consider the life cycle of a product well in advance of its design, seeking a harmony between fragility and strength. A quest for symbiosis invites us to tap into the growing technological potential of our modern world, to re-empower our natural world.

Alternative solutions branch out like a root system, redefining  the contours of a future where mankind’s needs and nature’s rights find a harmony. Forging a new complicity, synergistic interactions between the organic and the technological worlds steer our thinking, nourish the graphic vocabulary of our creative output, and guide developments towards virtuous hybrids.

Autumn-Winter 2024-25 makes room for time, for ingenuity. It not only reconnects with crafts and know-hows, it accentuates them, to foster excellence and longevity.

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