Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 50

#50 Matteo Ward, Co-founder & CEO of WRÅD

“WRÅD is not a brand, it’s our call to action”, today, Smart Creation invites Matteo Ward, co-founder and CEO of WRÅD, an innovative project dedicated to change in the fashion industry in all its forms (social, economic, environmental).

From supply to manufacturing methods, including logistics and traceability, every thing in the fashion industry can be changed, redesigned, improved in order to reduce the impact of our clothes on the environment but also respect those who make them.

Through education, innovation, design and consulting, the global crisis is not just a fatality, but an opportunity to change things.

In this episode, Matteo Ward also gives us a highlight on the underside of the fashion industry and the different solutions he is implementing with WRAD to change it in depth.

“I’ve been working from seven years in this industry and nobody ever challenge me to know more about the product, where it came from, who made our clothes : all this things was new.”

“I really wanted to understand what was the truth behind the word sustainable fashion.”

“In 2015 nobody believed in what we were doing, nobody want to talk about sustainable fashion.”

“We don’t know how the world will look like in hundred years, but if we start thinking about it now, we gonna be prepared to future proof.”

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