Smart Creation, the podcast: Episode 49

#49 Shannon Mercer, Chief Executive Officer – FibreTrace® (Traceability technology)

When it comes to purchasing, there’s no doubt that consumers want to understand what’s behind the product. This topic has made its way, and now finds great key players to act for real shifts. 

At FiberTrace®, Chief Executive Officer Shannon Mercer is acting for traceability all along the supply chain with thoughtful technology. Combining both physical and digital, the platform allows users to map products in real-time, ensuring the tracking of the fibers, from the field to the store. Offering different solutions using blockchain and certified verification, there’s no more reason for the industry to get slow on this revolution.

In this quest of alignment with oneself, ones values and ethics, Shannon highlights that these shifts are made possible from all sides, pushed by legislation, industry players, services like FibreTrace tools but also, consumers.

A tool that cannot be dismissed, when we know that they offer several services, some at zero cost. 

In this episode, Shannon gives an analytical eye on the market and consumer behaviors, and he also shares some case studies on how transparency can shape a business.

“All brands can take full ownership of their supply chain and therefore the full impact on individual goods. We want to see a world where consumers can pick up a garment and know the impact it will have on the planet. I think that is where traceability starts.”

“Each fiber has a different application and each fiber type has a unique signature.”

“Ensuring you can connect physical traces to digital platforms is the only way of having a full transparent system.”

“Consumers are very much more emotional in their purchasing decisions and this is why we see the demand for transparency from brands playing driven from the market when the changes are occurring.”

Learn more about FibreTrace® : 

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