Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 47

#47 Blair Kanis, President of Cocona Labs – 37.5® technology (Bio-based Fibers Company)

As synthetic waste represents a big issue to the fashion industry, some suppliers seem to work toward new solutions for a more sustainable approach on the end of life of products.

Blair Kanis, president of Cocona Labs presents in this episode the technology 37.5®, an innovative thermoregulator fabric that helps your body stay in its ideal temperature and ideal humidity level. Using active natural minerals, they incorporate it in the yarn at the very beginning of the production process. Composed of recycled polyester fibers, they gave a particular attention to the making of their product, in every step.

At Cocona Labs, sustainable decisions are based on science and data especially on the end of life products outcomes. Indeed, as synthetic fibers products are not easy to recycle, they thought about using an additive in order to make the biodegradability more fluid and natural.

Blair Kanis explains how she works hands in hands with brands, where quality and sustainability go along.

 “We really want to help brands understand that by working with us, they don’t have to choose between quality and sustainability.”

“We spent a lot of time studying the science of what happens in landfills. I think it’s important for brands and other industries to do the same because there’s a lot of components to understand the rate of degradation of textile and what actually happens to it.”

“Using recycled synthetic materials is important at the beginning of the life cycle to reduce reliance on virgin petroleum based products.”

“We are focused on sustainability both on the material side as well as looking at our company’s impacts and adjusting them.”

Learn more about 37.5® technology:

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