Seawool®: From the Ocean to your Closet: Reborn the post-consumer plastic into Sustainable Fashion Innovation

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Discover Seawool® Yarn, the revolutionary sustainable textile transforming discarded oyster shells and recycled plastic wastage into high-performance, eco-friendly fabrics. Dive into the future of fashion with Seawool® Yarn, where sustainability meets unparalleled comfort and functionality.

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In today’s world, where climate change and environmental consciousness are at the forefront, the need for carbon neutral has never been more urgent. Seawool® Yarn, a groundbreaking innovation by Creative Tech Textile and Hans Global, epitomises the essence of “Green Textile.” This eco-friendly yarn is created by oyster shells and post-consumer petrochemical materials, setting a new standard for eco-friendly fashion. In 2023, it has been reusing 100 tons of discarded oyster shells and 300 tons of plastic wastage, significantly reducing environmental waste and promoting sustainability.

This unique composition of Seawool® not only reduces waste but also imbues the yarn with remarkable properties as follow derived from oyster shells:

  • Odor Control: Natural properties of oyster shells help neutralise odors, keeping garments fresher for longer and reduce the frequency of laundry for saving the water and energy consumption.
  • Moisture Management: Excellent moisture-wicking capabilities ensure comfort by keeping the wearer dry.
  • Thermal Regulation: The yarn’s structure provides superior thermal regulation, making it suitable for various climates.

Seawool® Yarn’s versatility makes it ideal for fall and winter apparel, such as sweaters, beanies, scarves, and woven flannels. Its moisture management and stretch properties also make it suitable for athletic wear, offering comfort and performance.

To prevent the harmful effects of dry cleaning on the human body, R&D Team developed Seawool/Merino Wool yarn for flatbed knits. This yarn maintains the softness of Merino Wool while using oyster shell properties to enhance bacterial and odor control. Additionally, Seawool/Merino Wool sweaters are machine washable, eliminating the need for dry cleaning. This new line offers a fresh wearing experience without the health risks associated with dry cleaning chemicals.

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Recognising the growing importance of animal rights and water conservation, the development of Smawarm® insulation is another key project. The traditional method of collecting goose down is known for its cruelty and the substantial water footprint it leaves behind, requiring approximately 600 tons of water for every ton of goose down. Leveraging the low conductivity of oyster shells, the companies have utilised Seawool® Fiber to create Smawarm® Insulation, which has already achieved a performance rating of 550 FP.

Creative Tech Textile and Hans Global are committed to sustainable practices. By joining the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and collaborating with the Higg Index. In the meantime, integrating into their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, ensuring that their operations align with global sustainability goals.

Seawool® Yarn represents a paradigm shift in the textile industry, combining sustainability with advanced functionality. Seawool® Yarn not only addresses environmental challenges but also meets the Eco-Consumerism.

Join us in our journey towards a greener future. Experience the innovation and sustainability of Seawool® and be a part of the eco-friendly fashion revolution.

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