Seawool® : From the Ocean to your Closet : The Sustainable Material with Refresh Wearing Experience

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With the alarming effects of climate change and the increasing global environmental consciousness, sustainable materials have rightfully gained prominence. The concept of “Green Textile,” encompassing natural, regenerated, and recycled materials, has emerged as a core focus for sustainability. Among these materials, Seawool®and Smawarm® have garnered attention for their eco-friendly attributes.

Creative Tech Textile, based in Taiwan, and Hans Global, operating in the USA, are renowned manufacturers of functional fabrics and leaders in the industry. With their innovative capabilities, including an R&D team and a fast-paced marketing team, they have excelled in producing Recycled Poly Textiles that become functional fabrics without requiring chemical treatment. One of their groundbreaking achievements has been the development of materials that repurpose discarded oyster shells.

In 2022 alone, they utilized 100 tons of discarded oyster shells and 20 million PET bottles. It is worth noting that Taiwan generates approximately 160,000 tons of discarded oyster shells annually.

Seawool® is the latest sustainable yarn introduced by Creative Tech Textile and Hans Global. By utilizing recycled PET and enhancing the treatment of oyster shell powder, they have successfully created fibers, yarns, fabrics, and insulation materials. Seawool® redefines the concept of functional textiles by harnessing the inherent properties of oyster shells.

Seawool®Fiber and Yarn exhibit remarkable functions such as odor control, moisture management, and thermo regulation, all derived from the natural properties of oyster shells. Consequently, Seawool®-based garments offer a refreshing wearing experience along with ease of care. Seawool® Spun yarn provides a similar handfeel to wool while retaining the durability of natural fibers, making it an excellent material for fall/winter apparel, including flatbed knits like sweaters, beanies, scarves, woven flannels, and knitting-based layers. Seawool® Filament yarn is ideal for athletic apparel due to its moisture management, odor control, and mechanical stretch properties, ensuring comfort and skin-friendliness for consumers.

Recognizing the growing importance of animal rights and water conservation, Creative Tech Textile and Hans Global have embarked on the development of Smawarm® insulation as another key project. The traditional method of collecting goose down is known for its cruelty and the substantial water footprint it leaves behind, requiring approximately 600 tons of water for every ton of goose down. Leveraging the low conductivity of oyster shells, the companies have utilized Seawool® Fiber to create Smawarm® Insulation, which has already achieved a performance rating of 550 FP.

In 2022, Creative Tech Textile and Hans Global not only joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and collaborated with the Higg Index to minimize chemical inputs, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and lower energy consumption, but also integrated Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices into their corporate governance.

Seawool® and Smawarm® offer comprehensive solutions to the apparel industry, catering to environmental protection, expanding application possibilities, and meeting consumers needs. Through continuous innovation and a genuine commitment to environmental care, these sustainable materials are making a positive impact on the planet. From reducing waste by utilizing discarded oyster shells and PET bottles to offering exceptional functional properties and comfort, Seawool® and Smawarm® represent a paradigm shift in fashion manufacturing.

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