Unveiling the Science Behind CELYS™ Sustainable Fibre at PV Paris

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CELYSTM showcase at PV Paris is a tribute to the innovative strides being made every day in sustainable fashion.

You may already know that more than 100 million tons of polyester fibres are produced every year, which take centuries to degrade in a natural environment. So the spotlight is on as they introduce the world’s first certified compostable polyester fibre, proven to be 95.4% compostable in 179 days under industrial conditions. Yes… that fast! – and they have the all-important Seedling and BPI certifications to prove it.

Celys fibers

When it comes down to it…

  • We are breathing plastic: micro-plastic is heavily linked to air pollution.
  • We are eating plastic: micro-plastic enters the food chain at many levels.
  • We are drinking plastic: 83% of tap water samples contain micro-plastic.

You may not know that up to 35% of the global microplastics in the environment come from synthetic textile products… This is why CELYSTM exists.

CELYSTM is the miraculous result of years of rigorous research and development, produced to tackle microplastic pollution and other large-scale ecological issues related to fast fashion and the textile industry.

With its innovative and versatile nature, CELYSTM could easily be the top-choice material for global designers and manufacturers looking to make waves in the sustainable textiles movement.

Delving into the science, CELYSTM fibre is distinguished by its unique composition, allowing it to break down efficiently under industrial composting conditions. This compostability is a critical response to the pressing issue of microplastic pollution, a pervasive challenge in the textile industry.

Intimiti Celys fibers
Celys sustainable fibers

This process transforms the fibre into smaller molecules like oligomers, dimers, and monomers, which are then assimilated by microorganisms, eventually decomposing into CO₂, water, and biomass.

This scientific innovation sets CELYSTM apart as a true leader in their pursuit of sustainable textiles and with its Cotton Touch, Low Pilling, Hydrophilicity, Breathability and a multitude of other desirable qualities, the use cases are endless.

At PV Paris, CELYSTM invites attendees to delve into this fascinating intersection of textile technology and environmental stewardship, showcasing how they are paving the way for a future where fashion and sustainability coexist.

On 7 February at 3pm, Helen Weng, CELYSTM‘s Global Sales Director will give a pitch on the Pitchs Area of Hall 6.

The Sustainable Future of Polyester: CELYSTM Compostable Fibre
Global consumers demand a more sustainable future for fashion – fabrics and textiles that no longer pollute the environment with micro-plastics, and textile wastes are efficiently recycled to help with a closed-loop T2T circularity. See how CELYSTM compostable polyester makes this future possible.

Pitch in English.
Duration: 15 minutes + 10-minute Q&A session

Celys pitch

Come and meet the team at PV Paris, Hall 6 Booth 6HUB5

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Contact: Helen Weng

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