ReTraze Aqua-: Transforming the island plastic to solution dyed recycled yarn

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Islands are the last defense against the marine plastic

Many ‘ocean plastic’ products on the market fail to provide traceability and transparency, only mentioned by a certificate and hidden the true origins.

In response, ReTraze shuns the dubious ‘Ocean Plastic’ tag, choosing a more accountable approach to reduces plastic pollution on China’s eastern and southern sea islands.

Collaborating with small recyclers, independent collectors, communities, fishermen, NGOs, and volunteers, ReTraze has built a vertical supply chain with the help of blockchain technology that spinning threats into threads, weaving a network aimed at achieving Zero Plastic Islands, and preventing more plastic waste from entering the ocean.

Aqua-(Aqua Minus) and less water dyeing

The conventional fabric dyeing methods consume vast amounts of water, with the subsequent waste containing excess dye and chemicals. While waterless dyeing may seem ideal, it often overlooks the water needed for pre-treatment processes.

ReTraze uses a solution-dyeing yarn technology that considerably as less water dyeing.

The process begins with transforming plastic bottles into chips, which are then combined with a tracer and color master batch. This infuses the yarn with vibrant and consistent color, negating the need for extra dyestuff and eliminating color migration risks. Even neon colors can reach color fastness to light at grade 4-5.

ReTraza Aqua- yarn reduces water use by 50%, curtails chemical use, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. A forthcoming LCA report, jointly released by ReTraze and SGS, will provide more precise data.

Innovating manufacturing paradigms

ReTraze offers flexible services to brands. Their production process allows a minimum order qty as low as 200 KG per color in various forms like DTY, FDY, and ATY yarn, equivalent to 1,000 mt for a 120 GSM woven fabric. This flexibility lets brands order in smaller quantities, reducing overproduction, minimizing waste, and enhancing sustainability.

Thus, sea islands, initially the frontlines of marine plastic pollution, can herald change. Through innovative and flexible solutions like ReTraze Aqua- yarn, the real recycled traceable solution dyed yarn, we can progress towards a healthier and more sustainable planet.

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