“Renaissance” Denim Collection by Pioneer

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Humanity is going through a socially complex and puzzling season, the society we are living in truly needs a new Renaissance. Fashion design can and must enrich man’s life, not only from an ethical and social standpoint, contributing to a better life, or owing to its economic, aesthetic or cultural value, but also because it represents the pattern of human thought that produces the incessant transformation of the world, both inner and outer. The “Renaissance by Pioneer” collection stems from a vision of sustainability, including social sustainability, and the need to update and come up with new products based on market trends and on the end-users’ needs, who are increasingly aware and informed about the textiles they like. “Renaissance by Pioneer” interprets style trends and their evolution.

TSL GAZETTE sat down with Christian Reca, the collection’s Designer and Chief of Marketing & Merchandising, who presented us the concept of the new collection.

A collection imbued with style proposals both in terms of models but also in combination with accessories and yarns, presented through a mood board worthy of a proper haute-couture fashion maison, inspired by contemporaneity, as well a technical and technological know-how that we have developed over time.

The heart of the collection is “purity”, in fact, we took inspiration from Japan’s clear waters and unspoilt nature, hence the term “junko“, meaning “pure path”. Junko T&T (Technic and Technology) was the source of inspiration both for the production process and for the creation of fabrics and garments.

Outfit pineapple fiber
Outfit made by pineapple fiber in supreme indigo shade

As far as fabrics are concerned, the process is divided into:

Yarn development: authenticity, ancient Japan style, has been the fulcrum, inspired by today’s Y2K, hence the garments with big volumes combined with short and slim-fit tops. In terms of yarns, we created a “chunkier” option with an extremely vintage look.

Colour development: faithful to the mood, the goal was to fashion a beautiful “old-fashioned pure indigo” starting from a very dark base to get a shade featuring an explosion of very vibrant deep blue, which we achieved thanks to the washes that gave rise to a very “pure and authentic” contrast.

All this was made possible through the use of more superficial indigo with reduced thickness, which enabled us to limit water consumption. Needless to say, we’ve employed state-of-the-art machines and technology, which have been fine-tuned by the Group’s engineers. This base has been called “SUPREME BLUE“.

Starting from this base we have fashioned 2 more variants: the first, directing the cast towards a 1970s blue, an ink reminiscent of the old Wranglers, again using advanced technology to reduce water consumption by at least 30%. We’ve called this base “STORM BLUE“.

Building again on the SUPREME BLUE base, we have developed one more cast to obtain a shade reminiscent of the first Levi’s Orange Tab, which we’ve called “MYSTIC BLUE“.

Denim pineapple fiber
Outfit made by pineapple fiber in supreme indigo shade
Christian Reca, the collection’s Designer and Chief of Marketing & Merchandising

We have also created different types of textile structures. In terms of sustainability, we have produced one using pineapple fibre (by employing a mechanical and not chemical process!); a fibre that lends the fabric a soft linen-like feel and look, hence a very “loose” texture, which feels like silk too.

Pineapple abounds in Bangladesh, therefore there’s a considerable waste of raw material; this system enables us to effectively recover and recycle large quantities of the latter, thereby putting into practice the principles of circular economy. All this thanks to cutting-edge technology.

By employing “Adaptive Lycra”, along with our exclusive technology, we have “rearranged” the fabric and obtained a textile allowing to manufacture trousers that fit multiple sizes and silhouettes. It features a very soft and comfortable stretch, resulting in a natural “second skin” effect. We also offer constructions such as left-hand, crosshatch, open-hand, ring and Slubby fabrics.

Introduction of Pioneer Denim Garment division

Pioneer Denim Limited is a pioneering name in the textile industry, specialising in the
production of premium denim products
that merge the realms of fashion and
sustainability. As a vertical denim setup, we oversee every aspect of the denim
manufacturing process
, from raw materials to finished fashion products. Our dedication to
delivering top-quality products, matched with a strong focus on environmental and social
commitment, sets us apart as a leader in the industry. Pioneer Denim Limited is proud to
be a sister concern of the esteemed Badsha Group of Industries, renowned for its
excellence and innovation.

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