The REICONICS collection, an example of innovation in the circularity of jeans

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REICONICS is a collaborative project between the Spanish textile industry experts Evlox, Recover™, and Jeanologia to improve circularity in the denim industry, from fiber to finish.

Improving denim circularity, from fiber to finish

The classics of denim: the most iconic fiber of all times, fabrics produced for more than 25 years, and the most innovative solutions for sustainable garment finishing put together to serve ethical fashion and product development.  

Balancing the creation of excitement and inspiration with a realistic approach, Recover™, Evlox, and Jeanologia have worked on a project that has the product at its core. With narratives centered on both technical and creative languages, this project inspires and brings value to the industry by creating truly circular products through a process that implements eco-design, transparency, process measurement, traceability, and scalability. 

Innovating together

collection capsule REICONICS

Earlier this year, Evlox and Recover™ signed a multi-year agreement with the common goal of promoting innovative technologies that will help move both towards a circular textiles industry. Evlox committed to incorporating Recover’s low-impact, high-quality recycled cotton fiber, into their denim fabrics.

To further reduce the environmental impact of denim and its traditional finishing techniques, the two companies have partnered with Jeanologia, the leaders in eco-efficient and innovative technologies for the textile industry, in their collaborative REICONICS collection.

Key features

One of the top priorities of the collection was durability, both in terms of physical and emotional longevity. The collection includes classic denim pieces designed to last while also branching out to bring excitement and inspiration to other areas traditionally not associated with denim.

Recyclability was another key focus, leading to a monomaterial approach in the creation of the garments. All garments in the collection are made entirely from cellulosic fibres, including the sewing threads. Finally, the finishing process was designed in harmony with the fabric’s performance, utilizing eco-technologies.

Finally, the finishing, which thanks to the combination of laser, G2 ozone and eFlow technologies, reduces the environmental impact while preserving the authenticity and creativity of the product.

Discover the collection

To discover the collection, and see the pieces on display, visit booth E1 during the show. Tune in and find out more during their talk on 22 November at 4:30 pm where their teams are looking forward to showing off this project.

Evlox Recover Jeanologia

To find out more…
Visit the participants’ websites: Evlox, Recover™ et Jeanologia and browse their products on the PV Marketplace.

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