Rfiveproject® Circular economy – Circular fashion

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A recycling project promoted by Lurdes Sampaio, at the service of brands to respond to environmental issues, considering the principles of the circular economy and focusing on the importance of recycling in the textile universe. 

Lurdes Sampaio is a Portuguese knitting company founded in 1990, with a extensive experience in the market that combines quality, innovation and sustainability.

The project started on 2020 based on the basic principles of sustainability and circular economy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renew and Restore. With Rfiveproject® Lurdes Sampaio provides to the brands a new fabric made from recycled textile materials, pre- and post-consumer, with higth quality standards, performance and design, states Maria Sá, CEO of Lurdes Sampaio S.A.

Rfiveproject® support and share the traceability to our clients throughout all process, as:

  • collecting waist;
  • recycling;
  • spinning;
  • knitting;
  • manufacture.

All chain information is provided to achieve a truly circular fashion process.

The process is supported with GRS certification and LCA methodology. The partnership with Recutex, a recycling Portuguese company and FIAVIT, a spinning Portuguese company turns this project an “all made in Portugal circular economy.” It´s a closed loop.

We collect pre- and post-consumer waste from the brands and manufacturers. Then, we transform it them according to the needs of the brand in a new fiber, new yarn, new fabric, new cloths. The eco-design starts here!

The environment savings were tested by LCA methodology.

  • 90% reduction greenhouse gases;
  • 70% energy savings;
  • 60% less water consumption;
  • No chemicals.

About Rfiveproject:

Visit our site check there more information.

Visit us at PV Paris Hall 4 Smart Creation booth 4C87, there you can see all of the possibilities of this project, see you there.

About Lurdes Sampaio:

Visit our website, our Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin pages, our pages on the Première Vision Marketplace and visit us at PV Paris, Hall 5, booth 5L39.

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