Recycled Island Plastic by ReTraze and RECYCTEX

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Textile innovation company RECYCTEX has announced that it will launch new types of ocean plastic products at Première Vision Paris, Feb 2023. The new recycled fabric collections are mainly made from branded yarn ReTraze Island Plastic and ReTraze Aqua-, which is standard for Real Recycled Traceable material.

ReTraze Island Plastic

After more than 5 years of investigation in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, ReTraze team decided to focus on the fragile mismanaged waste on sea islands.

As the islands are the last defense lines fighting against marine plastic pollution.

ReTraze successfully built up the plastic collecting system in China’s eastern and southern islands. Unlike the normal claims of collecting plastic bottles within 50 kilometers of a shoreline, ReTraze Island Plastic fiber and yarn only use the waste source within a maximum of 20 kilometers of shorelines on sea islands.

Their team works closely with commercial recycling companies, local communities, independent collectors, fishermen, NGOs and volunteers.

ReTraze Aqua-(Aqua Minus)

ReTraze Aqua-(Aqua Minus) is recycled polyester solution dyed yarn that uses the same plastic source as ReTraze Island Plastic.

After the plastic bottles have been transformed into transparent chips, then they will be mixed and melted with trace elements and the color master batch that contains the colored pigment.

Comparing with the traditional pieced dyed wet-treatment fabric, using ReTraze Aqua- saves more than 80% water, 90% chemicals and 13% GHG, according to the data from Textile Exchange. Thanks to the unique color matching system, it maintains high performance of color constancy and color fastness. Neither dyestuff is needed in the process, nor color migration issues.

Transparency & Traceability

Apart from GRS certification, ReTraze is in the process of applying for the Ocean Bound Plastic certificate, a Zero Plastic Ocean standard. The company also works with IT companies for blockchain and GPS tracking system to provide accurate data to brands.

The commercial production of ReTraze yarn in 2023 will reach 2,000 tons of filament for woven and knitted fabric, preventing around 120 million plastic bottles from incineration, landfills and pollution in the ocean.

Want to know more ?

Visite our Instagram and Linkedin pages, visit our page on the Première Vision Marketplace and come and meet us during Première Vision Paris, from 7 to 9 February, Hall 6 booth K13 (Fabrics) and Hall 4 booth 4B85 (Smart Creation).

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