[PV x Paris Good Fashion Talk] – The ecological challenge from a high-volume perspective: what’s the best business model?

The fight against overconsumption and, therefore by extension overproduction, is one of tomorrow’s key challenges. If the sector is serious about addressing its urgent climate, environmental and social problems, it has to tackle the issue of volumes.

Since the current business model is based exclusively on growth and profitability, this means rethinking the very way that businesses operate. OK, but how? What are the new business models? How can we protect jobs and ensure that companies continue to grow?

1h Talk in French with:

  • Julie Dugard, Climate Manager / BSR (Business for Social Responsibility)
  • Aurélien Oosterlinck, Coordinateur / Chaire Comptabilité Écologique
  • Sophie Pignères, fondatrice et CEO / Weturn
  • Moderated by Karine Vergniol / Journaliste

Formerly with business-news channel BFMBusiness, Karine Vergniol is a fashion, luxury and lifestyles specialist. A reporter and presenter, she has  hosted a number of shows, including “Goûts de luxe” and “Innover pour le commerce”. 

Her work also includes moderating round tables, particularly those focused on fashion and luxury, as well as serving as a host at special events and BtoB communities.

The replay of the Talk

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