[PV x Paris Good Fashion Talk] – Tackling greenwashing: the proof is in the data

Amidst a sea of greenwashing and a proliferation of rankings and indexes deemed ever more advantageous, measuring is crucial to making progress.

To do that, we need to rely on trustworthy and international scientific data. Yes, but which data? How do we collect it? From whom? On what scientific basis?

1h Talk in French with:

  • Antoine Gillod, Director of the Global Climate Action Observatory / Association Climate Chance
  • Alban Fournier, Product Manager / Ecobalyse (Ecobalyse – beta.gouv)
  • Christophe Bocquet, Director of Quality, Responsible Sourcing and Traceability / Chloé
  • Karine Vergniol / Journalist

Formerly with business-news channel BFMBusiness, Karine Vergniol is a fashion, luxury and lifestyles specialist. A reporter and presenter, she has  hosted a number of shows, including “Goûts de luxe” and “Innover pour le commerce”. 

Her work also includes moderating round tables, particularly those focused on fashion and luxury, as well as serving as a host at special events and BtoB communities.

The replay of the Talk

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