[PV x Paris Good Fashion Talk] – Collaboration, co-creation, co-construction… how can brands and manufacturers work together to meet fashion’s ecological challenge?

Wednesday 13 Sept. / 6 pm

Followed by a Champagne & network moment

Talks & Workshops Area

We can only succeed together. The time when a brand’s relationship to a manufacturer was confined to being merely an order-writer is over. Scope 3 accounts for over 90% of the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions. To accelerate the ecological transition, there must be a dialogue between manufacturers and brands.

A dialogue based not only on transparency & traceability, but also on the building of trust and the sharing of knowledge in a spirit of goodwill. No one is the sole arbiter of the truth, and the only way to innovate and solve the concrete problems facing all players, brands and manufacturers is through co-creation.

1h Talk in French (simultaneous translation in English) with :

Elie Khayat, CSR Director / Lectra
Laure Betsch, co-founder / Fairly Made®
Kachen HONG ZWART, Chief Sustainability Officer / Groupe Etam
Bruno Nahan, CEO / Bugis
Moderated by Karine Vergniol, Journalist

Formerly with business-news channel BFMBusiness, Karine Vergniol is a fashion, luxury and lifestyles specialist. A reporter and presenter, she has  hosted a number of shows, including “Goûts de luxe” and “Innover pour le commerce”. 

Her work also includes moderating round tables, particularly those focused on fashion and luxury, as well as serving as a host at special events and BtoB communities.

The replay of the Talk

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