[PV Talk] Fashion.wear & sport : innovation & lifestyle influences

2 July, 11 am

Talk Sport PV Paris

Sportswear style has taken over our daily lives. It’s a style medium from street to high snobiety, from vintage stores to international luxury brands, sportswear looks are transforming society. Innovations in materials and design follow the movements of athletes as well as the urban closet vibe : it is no longer necessary to practice a physical activity to wear sports clothing. Sneaker madness is part of the daily life of undergoing changes in fashion, energized by outdoor culture, the influence of arts like music or collaborations led by the luxury sector.

How are material innovation and style shaking up the sector? What are the upcoming trends? How far will sport twist our wardrobe ? In which sustainable spirit ?

30-min talk + 15-min Q&A session in English with :

  • Alexandra Mazzitelli, Lead Concept Designer Color & Material / PUMA
  • Robyn Orret, Mid-weight designer / Rapha
  • Florian Auger, Founder of outercraft, product design specialist working with Hermes / Decathlon
  • Feng Chen Wang, Founder and creative Director / Feng Chen Wang
  • Jean Pourrat, Sport Development Manager / Veja

Moderated by Aude Penouty, Founder and R&D Director / ENTADA Textile, sustainable sourcing & design consulting

Please note there will be no replay of the talks after the show.

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