[PV Talk] – Collaborative circular system: The New Cotton Project

6 February / 5 pm
Talks Area (Hall 6)

PVP Talk New Cotton Project

How to set up circularity for success? Join the discussion on driving the transition towards circular value chains through deep meaningful collaboration with the EU-funded New Cotton Project partners.

30-min talk in English + 15-minute Q&A session with:

Rui Martins, CEO / Inovafil
Sophie van Kol, Innovation Manager / Fashion for Good

Moderated by Aude Penouty, Founder and R&D Director / ENTADA Textile, sustainable sourcing & design consulting

In a world first for the fashion industry, twelve pioneering players came together to break new ground by demonstrating a circular model for commercial garment production. Over 3.5 years, textile waste was collected and sorted, and regenerated into a new, man-made cellulosic fibre that looks and feels like cotton – a “new cotton” – using Infinited Fiber Company’s textile fibre regeneration technology. The fibres were used to create different types of fabrics for clothing that was designed, manufactured and sold by global brand adidas and companies in the H&M Group. Fashion for Good and Inovafil are among the partners of The New Cotton Project consortium.

Global platform for innovation to inspire change and drive the collective movement to make fashion a force for good. They work directly with the fashion industry to innovate towards solutions that are better for people and the planet, and empower behaviour change through their sustainable fashion museum.

Inovafil is a spinning mill with a manufacturing unit located in the north of Portugal. It produces a wide variety of special blends, both melange and ecru yarns, using conventional ring, open-end and, recently, air-jet spinning technologies. Due to increasing environmental sustainability awareness, Inovafil focuses on sourcing eco-friendly raw materials – fibres resulting from different types of waste; biodegradable fibres; recycled fibres etc.

Please note that there will be no replay of the talks after the show.

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