[PV NY Talk] – A journey into the realm where generative AI and fashion interwine

Join her to explores how AI is revolutionizing the industry, fueling creativity and innovation in ways you’ve never imagined.

From AI-generated fashion designs to marketing, captivating examples that showcase the transformative power of generative AI will be explored.
Don’t miss out on this eye-opening talk that will inspire and challenge your perceptions of fashion innovation!

60 minutes talk presented by Julie A. Evans / Founder & Fashion insights Director at Sustalytics.

With a solid background of ten years in the fashion industry, including a prominent position as the Head of Buying & Design at Inditex for four years, Julie Evans made a bold move into the technology field.
Recognizing the need to address sustainability and reduce overproduction in the fashion industry, she founded Sustalytics, a fashion tech company focused on assisting fashion brands in predicting bestsellers and minimizing waste.
Julie combines her real-world expertise in the fashion industry with a deep understanding of new technologies and how they can be used to benefit the fashion sector.

July 19 – 12 pm / Seminar room
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