PV Shenzhen SS 24 preview, see you April 26-28

The 5th Première Vision Shenzhen unveiling the Spring-Summer 24 collections will be hosted at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan), Hall 17 during April 26-28.

In 2023, with the normalization of the epidemic, the reopening of China’s border, and the ongoing changes in the industry landscape, shining hopes and opportunities are blooming globally. Transforming the fashion industry to be green and sustainable remains a top priority, and according to fashion executives, 2023 will be the year of sustainable action.

Since its debut in China in October 2020, PV Shenzhen has staged four successful exhibitions so far with a total scale of 23,000+㎡, 200+ exhibitors, and over 20,000 visitors. PV Shenzhen embodies the essential ethos of Première Vision’s ultimate creativity and a firm commitment to textile ecological change specializing in R&D-driven high-end fashion and sustainable design in China.

This April, PVSZ SS24 will be shown in 50,000㎡exhibition spaces. At the same time, the 26th Fashion Source Shenzhen International Exhibition For Clothing Supply Chain and the 10th Shenzhen Original Fashion Week will both take place to present a complete and reliable supply chain for the fashion industry.

Seasonal Highlights

PV Shenzhen SS24 brings together more than 50 PV-vetted leading European and Asian material companies from six main sectors, including Yarns, Fabrics, Leather, Accessories, Designs, and Manufacturing. More than 15% of exhibitors are from outside of China, including Switzerland-HARTEK DESIGN, Italy-SUPERSTUDIO DI CIVATI SILVIA & S.A.S, France-JEAN BRACQ SAS, Turkey-BOSSA denim, and so on.

Brands and designers can learn about the three central guidelines of Première Vision SS24—color, material, and environmental protection—by visiting the PV Shenzhen Trend Area, PV Shenzhen Sustainable Focus Area, and PV Shenzhen Sustainable Fashion Seminar, as well as sampling trend highlights straight from the source and verifying inspiration.

Meanwhile, working with well-known names in the material and fashion industries allows designers to gain valuable insights into the substantial progress of trends, materials, and markets.

This is a fantastic chance to gather domestic and international perspectives for use as an important internal reference for future brand development.

Highlight #1: Première Vision Shenzhen Trend Area

The PV SS24 Color Range, carefully calibrated and produced by the PV fashion team, was flown from Paris to the Shenzhen. Giant LED screens and voice controls will be used to present the Première Vision SS24 trend film, immersing visitors in the PV trend’s four major themes.

On top of that, PV Shenzhen also introduced the PV Paris 3D Trend Area. Using Matterport virtual tour technology, visitors can travel straight to the PV Paris Forums. In addition to viewing 50 hand-picked seasonal exhibits and learning about the highlights of the materials of this season, visitors may also interact with vendors directly through the Première Vision Marketplace and place orders online.

Highlight #2: Première Vision Shenzhen Sustainable Focus Area

In this area, visitors can take a break from the bustling show to reflect on sustainable issues and learn about cutting-edge trends in durability, sustainable manufacturing, social challenges, and traceability.

They can also experience the outstanding and forward-thinking products of PV exhibitors as well as understand how exhibitors with environmental commitments stand up to the challenges of social and environmental responsibility in terms of raw materials, know-how, industrial processes, and certifications.

In addition, the PV Shenzhen Sustainable Focus Area will also explore important information from the UN’s Sustainable Goals and China’s 3060 plan that pertains to the textile and fashion industries, thereby offering guidance and new possibilities for sustainable fashion.

A new tool made by PV PARIS for understanding sustainable initiatives in the market will be previewed on the PVSZ show.

Highlight #3: Première Vision Shenzhen Sustainable Fashion Seminar

PV Shenzhen Sustainable Fashion Seminar, with the theme “Within Boundaries”, will be a 3-day event with 4 themes: design trends, material breakthroughs, digital power and market insights. 20 fashion industry experts will explore new models for sustainable ecological change in China’s fashion in an international context.

Highlight #4: Première Vision Shenzhen VIP Club

Founded on the principles of professionalism, fellowship for the like-minded, and effective connection, the PV Shenzhen Club creates a community in which PV’s executives, suppliers, buyers, partners, as well as journalists, may get together in an intimate and focused setting to have fruitful conversations and exchange ideas. At the reception dinner that follows the exhibition, members can engage in casual face-to-face discussions on global fashion news and industry hot topics, trending practices, efficient operational and collaborative models, exchange high-quality resources, and explore business opportunities.

The next PV Shenzhen presenting the Spring-Summer 24 collections will be held from 26 – 28 April at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center.

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