PV Shenzhen: A creative and sustainable event

The fashion industry has brought with it novel challenges and opportunities. China’s fashion industry is rapidly transforming and upgrading in response to the “dual carbon” strategy’s emphasis on environmental protection, thus laying the groundwork for future sustainable growth, increasing its influence abroad, and helping to establish a new standard for global fashion production and consumption.

Expanding locally while keeping an international perspective

As a show at one of the important destination markets within PV’s global ecosystem, PV Shenzhen focuses on new opportunities for the fashion industry under China’s circular economy. By connecting international and Chinese R&D-oriented material suppliers, manufacturers, brands, and designers, PV Shenzhen will build an inspiration hub and trade event for the fashion supply chain and designers at the “top of the pyramid” in order to promote China’s fashion industry from a professional perspective and push for sustainable ecological change from the ground up.

Sustainable fashion in China: Top-tier leading platform

PV Shenzhen aims to create an open space for like-minded influential figures in China’s sustainable fashion industry to network, introduce cutting-edge eco-friendly materials and solutions, spark the creativity of Chinese fashion brands, and explore the fashion blue ocean together. The open space features:

PV Shenzhen Sustainable Focus Area

To aid the textile industry in its drive toward innovation and localization, the Focus Area will feature sustainable manufacturing by showcasing excellent and visionary sustainable products and series as well as highlighting the four major standards in the PV material procurement guidelines.

PV Shenzhen Smart Creation&Tech Area

An area entirely dedicated to innovation, eco-design and technological solutions that shape (or will shape) the future of fashion. New product developments, alternative materials, cutting-edge technical and technological innovations, advice, and adapted services will be found here to support the creative fashion industry in its ecologically responsible transformation.

PV Shenzhen Sustainable Fashion Talks

Experts from around the world in the fashion industry will gather at this seminar to discuss recent developments in areas like textile technology, consumer market evolution, policy interpretation, digital development trends, supply chain upgrade challenges, and the current state of the Chinese market. The seminar will also look into a new paradigm for the ecological transformation of China’s fashion industry.

PV Shenzhen Brand Story

At PV Shenzhen, we introduce collaborations that combine cutting-edge materials and innovative design each season to engage customers through compelling narratives and interactive activities, subtly shift consumer perceptions and attitudes toward sustainable fashion, and advance the cause of brand building and CSR education.

Inspiration hub for creative fashion

The great originality of a brand’s products is its key competitive advantage. This year, PV Shenzhen has established itself as a nexus for both visual aesthetics and superior craftsmanship.

PV Shenzhen Trend Area

In the Trend Area, we introduce the vane of the textile industry, the PV fashion trend, to the Chinese market. We showcase AW24-25 color ranges, trend films, PV Paris 3D Forums, etc., as part of the overarching concept and spatial arrangement of this area. Exhibitors’ reinterpretations of their classic series and new releases will be presented artistically, providing visitors with the pinnacle of visual and sensory experiences.

PV Shenzhen -China Edition

Fashion that celebrates handiwork and humanistic heritage has the potential to last for generations. The brilliant Chinese handiwork and intangible cultural heritage will be the focus of this area, as will their influence on and commercial value in today’s fashion industry.

Leading figures in Chinese fashion march forward shoulder to shoulder

PV Shenzhen is an innovative and sustainable event where Chinese fashion decision makers stand shoulder to shoulder.

PV team and the manager of a pioneering sustainable platform in China

Bringing together the foremost R&D-focused material suppliers, manufacturers, commercial brands, designers, industry leaders, supply chain experts, fashion entrepreneurs, scholars, and media from China and around the world.

The PV Shenzhen VIP Club fosters a community characterized by professionalism, like-mindedness, and open dialogue. It offers a space for private and focused communications where members may have candid conversations on an equal footing, share access to high-quality resources, and find untapped business opportunities.

Participate in PV Shenzhen! See you at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Bao’an), from September 20-22.

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