PV Paris Hostesses to Wear Uniforms Designed by Deveaux

For over two centuries, Deveaux, a family-owned independent fashion house, has distinguished itself through its expertise in the design and manufacture of dyed wovens, jacquards and prints. A go-to partner for ready-to-wear brands looking to create unique, sustainable collections, Deveaux was approached by Première Vision Paris to create the uniforms for the show’s hostesses at the July 2024 and February 2025 editions.

Deveaux: Designer of Dyed Wovens, Jacquards and Prints for Ready-to-Wear

Founded in 1788, Deveaux specializes in creative fabrics geared to a range of desires and uses, for men’s and women’s and children’s clothing. An in-house team of designers on hand to serve customers’ needs and expectations rounds out the offer of a company in perpetual transformation, with a focus on 100% French, fair and sustainable production. To meet the challenges of an industry in flux, Deveaux is constantly improving its industrial tools. Engineers, sales representatives and creative minds work together to develop desirable products that are both socially and environmentally respectful.

Logo Deveaux

A Vision of Excellence Blending Heritage, Creativity and Innovation

Archives Deveaux

Deveaux draws inspiration from the past to enrich the present and pave the way for the future. As such, its archives are an endless source of ideas for its designers. The company values an approach in which each designer’s personality and sensibility takes on full meaning, rooted in a family tradition imbued with a passion for textiles.

Deveaux follows in the great tradition of high-end French brands, valorizing its heritage and know-how, while adding a touch of modernity and, above all, Soul. The company embraces a more transparent and sustainable approach to fashion, combining elegance, culture, expertise, innovation and audacity, under its Soul Fashion concept. This French model, respectful of people and the environment, seeks to breathe new life into the fashion industry. At Deveaux, fashion is beautiful, creative and responsible, embodying a fairer, more humane ethos.

French Manufacturing Techniques and Know-How

Deveaux deploys recognized industrial skills across a wide range of finishing, printing, dyeing and weaving techniques. All these techniques are concentrated within a 60 km radius of Saint-Vincent-de-Reins, in the Haut-Beaujolais region. The company is able to create printed fabrics in a variety of patterns – including floral, geometric, classic, minimalist – and to adapt its processes to customer requirements via digital or rotary printing. A specialist in dyed woven fabrics and jacquards, Deveaux uses modern looms to produce innovative fabrics such as cloqué, double-face, canvas, twill and tweed, meeting the needs of men’s, women’s and children’s ready-to-wear collections. Thanks to its long experience in dyeing and finishing, Deveaux offers a vast range of colors and finishes to enhance the feel and visual aspect of its fabrics.

Tissage manufacture Deveaux

Responsible Printed Fabrics for a More Sustainable Fashion

Extérieur manufacture Deveaux

Committed to environmentally-friendly fashion, Deveaux carefully selects its raw materials and ensures the responsible quality of its products from water treatment to fabric finishing. Its collections include GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified polyesters, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified EcoVero® viscose, OCS (Organic Content Standard) and BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cottons. All wovens dyed by Deveaux are OEKO-TEX certified, and the company has been awarded the EPV – Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant – label. Through its subsidiary TIL (Teintures et Impressions de Lyon), Deveaux prints are certified STeP by OEKO-TEX, a label guaranteeing sustainable production.

Interview with Thibaud von Tschammer, General Manager – Deveaux

Why did you agree to take part in this collaboration with Première Vision?
We are honored to have been chosen to highlight our company and its expertise.
What inspired the hostesses’ uniforms for Première Vision Paris?
We chose two products that represent Deveaux’s DNA: a jacquard with a modern sport-chic feel for the February 2025 edition, and a dyed stripe fabric that’s very ‘French chic,’ for the July 2024 edition. These outfits highlight the richness of our know-how, developed over seven generations.
How did you go about choosing the materials for the uniforms?
We chose very creative products in line with current trends, for both the men’s and women’s versions. We also wanted to use sustainable materials for both products: EcoVero® viscose for the striped shirt, and recycled and organic yarn for the jacquard jacket. Our approach is inspired by the richness of the past, to better enjoy the present and pave the way for the future with a more sustainable approach to fashion. In short, fashion with a Soul.
Tenue hôtesse july 24
The shirts will be worn by the hostesses on the PV Paris show in July 2024
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