[PV NY Talks] Hospitality everywhere

Wednesday July 17, 2024 – 3 pm to 4 pm

Talk NellyRodi PV NY July 24

In the series of sector studies NellyRodi creative team of industry experts examines the new frontier of Hospitality and what that means for every brand. Find out how brands can use the power of hospitality to boost sales and strengthen long-term customer relationships.

  • Utilizing Hospitality for Brand Growth:
    Luxury, fashion, sports, home, beauty, and lifestyle brands can leverage hospitality to boost sales and enhance long-term customer relationships.
  • Evolution of Customer Service:
    The art of receiving and pampering customers is evolving across various settings, including boutiques, hotels, restaurants, and more unexpected environments.
  • Organizing and Collaborating:
    Strategies for organizing and establishing productive, meaningful collaborations are essential.

60-minute talk presented by:

  • Jacqueline Rumohr, Managing Director North America / NellyRodi

Jacqueline Rumohr is a leading design industry professional with over 30 years of trend forecasting, color, and creative innovation experience. Expert in strategic planning and delivering real world business solutions while constantly staying ahead of client’s needs.
Managing Director NellyRodi in North America, serving best-in-class color, trend, and macro global consumer insights. Also provides comprehensive consulting missions across fashion, beauty, and home industries.

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