Preview Designs Spring-Summer 24

Part ambiguous reverie, part futuristic fantasy, decorative designs for Spring-Summer 24 propel us into a universe seamlessly navigating among different space-times.

An intensely creative graphic universe tinged with a digital influence that invites us to reconcile reality and virtuality, the past and the future.

Dive into this surprising universe to preview of one of the major creative directions being launched at Première Vision Paris, February 7-9, 2023. A theme you can start exploring now in our online selection of patterns.


Nature finds a promising new vein of expression for Spring-Summer 2024. Vectorized foliage and flowers take off for new imaginary worlds. Enlarged to varying degrees, motifs are arranged randomly, like contemporary photographs, completely filling the background. Patterns alternate hand-drawn and digital techniques, unfurling multicolored gardens.

Sharply defined contours have a hand-whittled precision, like paper cut-outs. Other more abstract elements are overlaid on them, for a deliberately anachronistic effect.

Digital tools distort the elements in the foreground. Brush effects, color gradations and the rotation of objects are employed simultaneously, to enrich the geometrized vegetal elements.

Colors firmly anchor the designs in a retro-futuristic atmosphere. Warm and cool shades are worked in harmony. Orange-y browns, ever so slightly vintage, come up against intense shades of greenish or purplish blues, that look contrast-enhanced, as if digitally retouched. Blended with 3D techniques, these sci-fi movie colors call to mind corroded precious metals, hovering between a rich copper and a darkened lithium.

Futurist romanticism

Next Spring-Summer 24’s designs also refresh the romantic influence.

A murky and strange aesthetic, turning away from any kind of retro nostalgia to move towards a more futuristic and artificial vision.

At first glance, the blurred backgrounds prove hard to recognize, and call on our imagination.

Abstract elements recall flowers or mineral rocks, their contours mimicking a diffuse spectrum that renders them inscrutable. Here too, artistic technique dovetails with digital technology. Water-color effects are broadly radiated, evoking evanescent layers of fog in delicately pastel hues, partly illuminated by intense pigmentary accents of deep purple and green. Like artificial neon lights, they transport us to fictional parallel worlds. Certain elements are digitally rotated to heighten their virtual look. A spray technique is used to create intense ink splashes that are disturbing to the eye.

Freely interpreted

We’re moving away from nature or plant-based themes to explore other types of graphics, with digital influence as a common theme. Timeless patterns, especially those featuring animals and geometrics, are used this season in a less literal way. Animal skins, such as leopard, zebra and reptile motifs, intertwine and even merge to produce fantastical animal designs. Motifs are expressed in miniature version. Varyingly neat or graduated, they seem to move against the background, creating multicolored terrazzo effects. They create optical illusions in the form of deformed or translucent grids. From afar, they generate other patterns, such as horizontal or vertical stripes with powerful chromatic intensity, to suggest truly free interpretations.

Discover the complete offer of patterns and motifs at the Première Vision Paris show from February 7 to 9, 2023, and in our online season decodings.

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