Première Vision x Domaine des Massifs: Leather on the rise at PV Paris

In July, Première Vision Paris returns to Hall 3 of the Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte to set up its new Leather Village, highlighting the industry. The Leather universe will bring together over 100 suppliers, tanners, leatherworkers and manufacturers of textiles for footwear and leather goods over the 3 days of the show, July 4, 5 and 6.

A renewed Leather universe in collaboration with Domaine des Massifs

The return of the Leather universe to a dedicated hall is a sign of Première Vision Paris’ determination to give back its letters of nobility to a sector driven by an ultra-quality offer from hand-picked professionals. To promote this unique offering, the show has teamed up with Domaine des Massifs, directed by Olivier Antignac. This collaboration will result in a number of new products and initiatives, starting with the July 2023 show.

Interview with Olivier Antignac, President of Domaine des Massifs

Première Vision: What is Domaine des Massifs and how did the project come about?

Olivier Antignac: “Domaine des Massifs was born out of a simple observation, some ten years ago: the number of good hides, particularly calves, was in constant decline, and livestock indicators were pointing to intensifying difficulties (falling meat consumption, fewer breeders, global warming, new animal welfare regulations…).”

PV: What actions are carried out by Domaine des Massifs?

Olivier Antignac : “Domaine des Massifs has therefore created, with the help of partners from the breeding and distribution subsidiaries, an ecosystem to provide concrete solutions for the industry, in order to enhance the value of materials derived from animal production (meat, leather…) as well as from plants, and make the profession of farmer/breeder as attractive as possible.”

PV: What do you see as the major challenges facing the leather industry today?

Olivier Antignac: “The leather industry is facing 3 major challenges. Firstly, it must forge closer links with the world of agriculture to find solutions that guarantee the preservation of animal and plant materials, which are becoming scarce. Secondly, product traceability must become ever more stringent, in order to comply with increasingly stringent regulations on the protection of nature and animal welfare. Finally, this will only be possible if we manage to offer economic, technical and technological tools to the players in French agriculture, in particular to attract the younger generations capable of producing top-of-the-range, high value-added Leather (and other) products on their farms, in controlled volumes.”

PV: What role can a show like Première Vision Paris play in meeting these challenges?

Olivier Antignac: “Première Vision enjoys a privileged position: its network of loyal partners and its image as a top-of-the-range international materials show, give it the legitimacy to welcome and promote solutions to these challenges. Première Vision must become more than just a meeting place for materials: it must become a platform for strategic and pragmatic solutions for the management and use of animal and plant resources in the Luxury, Automotive and Decoration sectors, to give even greater meaning to the research carried out by visitors’ Purchasing, Marketing and Creative teams.”

PV: How did your partnership with Première Vision begin?

Olivier Antignac: “I’ve known about Première Vision for a very long time. We share many common convictions about our environment and our ecosystem. It was a natural step for our teams to meet. We want to make the future of the industry positive, by encouraging visitors to come up with new ideas. To achieve this, we need everyone’s help: manufacturers, craftsmen, farmers, scientists, inter-professional organizations, public authorities and associations, to come and express and demonstrate their solutions.”

PV: Can you tell us more about what’s in store for visitors in the new Hall 3?

Olivier Antignac: “This edition is the first stage in Première Vision’s opening up to internationally recognized players whose research and solutions will provide our Leather industry with answers to our challenges. Increasingly, visitors will be able to put their material needs and social commitments into perspective, thereby enriching the storytelling of their finished products.”

So what can you expect at the show in July?

  • In this new 100% leather hall, visitors will be able to discover a strengthened offering, with a continued strong presence of French tanners, but also a return of Italian, Portuguese and Spanish tanners.
  • The Leather forum, offering a selection of the season’s finest developments in leathers, hides, textiles and accessories, will also include eco-responsible proposals, a space dedicated to colors and corners organized by use: leather for clothing, finishing expertise and bag & shoe bringing together materials and accessories for footwear, leather goods, sneakers and belts etc…
  • A chill and entertainment zone focusing on the world of leather will feature an upcycling workshop.
  • Finally, the Platinum Executive Club will be open by invitation for business meetings in a privileged setting.

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