OUTSIDE DENIM LAB… Italian denim that becomes sustainable luxury

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We are a Tuscan company with over 45 years of experience and specialized in jacquard fabrics. Over the years we have been able to evolve and grow without losing our identity and without detaching ourselves from an almost artisanal vision and approach towards fabric.

We have always created jacquard fabrics in a transversal way for all sectors, but only since the second generation have we found the drive to create a company division specialized in jacquard denim: OUTSIDE DENIM LAB … has become a point of reference, a leader for fashion and luxury denim after only 4 years.

Presenting our company is difficult without the sound of its looms, the creativity of its technical designers, the professionalism of its employees … the passion and love of the owners for their work.

Thanks to our in-house designers and our experience we are able to customize and develop each project quickly without sacrificing quality… each fabric is tailor made according to the customer’s wishes.

This year’s latest product by the Outside denim lab is the ECOUTURE line: it has been created by a stimulating all-Italian 4-handed collaboration with the Pure Denim company which ties the fashion and luxury aspects that characterizes us, to the experience and the cutting-edge technologies of Pure Denim.

Making ECOUTURE denim a luxury product attentive to sustainability and environmental issues.

Pure Denim is the first company in the world to produce indigo dye internally using “SMART INDIGO” technology, an indigo dye that does not use extremely polluting hydrosulfites, using only indigo pigment, caustic soda (NaOH), water and electricity. The indigo powder of traditional dyes reaches a concentration of 8% while “Smart Indigo” reaches 30%.

ECOUTURE is proof that a product can be creative, beautiful and trendy and at the same time have a lower impact on the environment.

Come and visit us in Milan on November 23rd and 24th at PV DENIM at Stand A6

To get to know us better:

Visit the exhibitor’s page on the PV marketplace

Contact: +39 0574 680838

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