‘We Hear the World Breathing’, ORTA’s new collection

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For over 70 years, ORTA has crafted industry leading denim fabrics, representing the cultural + design zeitgeist of the times. And the new collection represents how we envision future of denim with long lasting designs engineered with circularity and regenerative materials.

Our new collection ‘We Hear the World Breathing’ is the continuum of our ORTANOW collection we launched in early 2023, as a celebration of our 70th year anniversary. ORTANOW was an ode to the fabrics that pretty much made ORTA as ORTA: our firsts, best sellers, favorites.

At ORTA we learn from our past, but it is our Future that excites us. Every weave we create is designed to tell a lifetime of stories. For yesterday, today and tomorrow. It’s time to invest in a new way of wearing.

Collection Orta Now

Future Luxe family in the collection represents an authentic quiet style, about considered details and understated style, put together in a way that resonates with one’s own particular aesthetic. For your tailored looks, the Future Lux fabrics are engineered with regenerative cotton, recycled cotton for you to create your own vintage denim pieces.

Orta exhibitor Denim PV

And Future Favorites family constitutes bold and conscious fabrics representing a dynamic ‘Eco’ streetwear-centered fabric group inspired by premium vintage streetwear. We have sunset inspired colored denim as well as new dyestuff in this group for the eco-streetwearer.

With this collection ORTA is proud to present Bluskyer denim, engineered with viscose made with Circulose® by Renewcell, TencelTM lyocell, BioBlackTX by Nature Coatings.

To find out more
Visit our stand on 22 & 23 November at Denim PV in Milan!
More information about our products and innovations on our website: and the PV marketplace.

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