New BraCups and ShoulderPads in Top Quality by MUEHLMEIER – your best choice Breast & Body Shaper

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Well-being of women and combining the principles of the circular sustainable economy with it are the company’s main aspirations. More and more environmentally optimized product developments have been pushed forward by MUEHLMEIER in recent years.

For more than 70 years the German ingredient brand MUEHLMEIER has spearheaded the innovative development of BraCups and ShoulderPads in the international fashion industry. The company has developed into a European market leader with the ultimate international BraCup and ShoulderPad programme.

Backed by a strong support team with 48 hours response MUEHLMEIER is well-known for its top quality and reliability.
The novelties which are going to be presented at the upcoming Première Vision take BraCups and ShoulderPads to the next level of innovation:

#1 New Eco-optimized M-ShoulderPads – The MUEHLMEIER commitment to Sustainability!
MUEHLMEIER is constantly extending its Eco-collection of 100% recycled and 100% biobased M-ShoulderPads. Biobased halfmoon M-ShoulderPad with a composition of Lyocell and cotton wadding. Best use for ladies’ jackets, blazers and coats.

#2 Anatomically adapted MOULDED M-ShoulderPads by MUEHLMEIER – The perfect shoulder fit!
The ShoulderPads adapt and fit perfectly to the natural shoulder line because of the moulded shape. More convincing product benefits: washable, shape-retaining, no irritating seams, particularly thin edges.

#3 The NEW MUEHLMEIER Airy M-SPACER Segmental Hold BraCups – Soft and Airy Padding like a Breeze…
Now offer even more support with the Segmental Hold Concept, a choice of strong inner supports integrated into the M-SPACER BraCup. Different textile enforcement structures provide exactly the support, different breast shapes need. They even give generous sizes the free feeling while adding a bit of lift.

#4 Ecological Upgrade – M-BraCups with 100% recycled cover fabric
Changing the cover fabric to 100% recycled PES is an easy to implement concept to start the ecological approach with your proven PU foam cups. It leads to 50-60% of the BraCup weight consisting of recycled polyester. This ecological upgrade to add Eco value to your bra can be applied to any M-BraCup shape.

#5 Take advantage of our NOS BraCup & ShoulderPad Selection – readily available without Minimum Order Quantity
Bestsellers in proven fit & quality which are in constant stock rotation production. Without minimum order quantity.

Want to know more?

Contact: Tamás Bödöcs

Visit us on the Premiere Vision Marketplace →
And meet the team at PV Paris Hall 4, booth 4B44

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