“Mutations”: the Central Theme of SS 25 Season Brought to Life in a New Teaser

Discover the exclusive fashion teaser for Spring Summer 25, a visual dive into the major creative trends of this new season in mutation.


The Spring-Summer 25 season unfolds in a context of profound, long-term transformations.

Current environmental, societal, scientific and technological upheavals are driving the fashion industry to reexamine its traditional creative and industrial processes, and putting the ecological transition at the heart of the dialogues between designers, manufacturers and marketing teams. Change is thus an inevitable step in the move to sustainable models, driven by a desire for preservation.

New approaches are emerging to bridge the gap between meaning and creativity, to rally all the parties in the chain – from designers to clients – around a single cornerstone: the environment. Products are undergoing a complete metamorphosis, integrating an ever-growing range of criteria combining aesthetics, appeal, comfort, performance and durability.

At the heart of these shifting paradigms lies the concept of Mutation, a theme cutting across the season, making Spring-Summer 25 both an observatory and a laboratory of transformative processes.

A meaningful overarching concept, impacting both aesthetics and processes, that invites us to explore different directions:

Regeneration reflects the season’s focus on all that is truly extraordinary in nature, seeking outwonder and amazement in the most overlooked corners of the animal kingdom. This shift inoutlook gives rise to a more collaborative approach with the world of living things, working to protect them over the long term. Today, the choice of a material can – depending on the natural resource and manufacturing process used – help regenerate ecosystems.

Transformation explores metamorphosis as a catalyst for creating collections with radically new aesthetic proposals, with a deep and thorough modification of materials, colors, aspects and behaviors. The exact moment of transformation is captured – an intermediate state giving rise toa mutant, hybrid universe.

Adaptation leads to a new equilibrium, a pragmatic minimalism in full alignment with a post-growth era. Adaptation reflects an evolved approach to design processes, where materials and know-how adapt to use, and target longevity and durability.

Through the prism of transformation, Spring-Summer 25 is positioned as a tipping point, celebrating experimentation, exploration and projects that take shape over time, embrace the long term, and transcend the seasonal nature of fashion.

The season invites us to view mutation as a defining element and creative impetus in collections. This Spring-Summer 25, moltings and chrysalids symbolize a fruitful metamorphosis, to help safeguard and restore meaning to creativity, in harmony with all living things.

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