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Essentials for Autumn-Winter 25-26: A Guide for Buyers

The upcoming edition of Première Vision Paris, taking place from Tuesday 2 July to Thursday 4 July at Paris Nord Villepinte, promises to be a key event for fashion professionals. This leading trade show will unveil the Autumn-Winter 25/26 collections from a range of international exhibitors, providing a preview of the trends that will define the coming season.

Chromatic Journey into the Colors of the Season

The upcoming edition will highlight a sophisticated and nuanced range of colors. A “Color Wall” and dedicated screens will present each shade from a unique perspective, emphasizing the harmonies that connect them. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the autumn palette in the PV Color Book, available at the trend forum on-site. This visual guide, accompanied by explanatory texts and audio guides, is designed to help buyers understand the subtleties of the chromatic choices proposed for the new season.

Color Book PV July 24

Seminars and Sustainable Innovations: An Industry in Full Transformation

Talks PV Paris July 24

Trends extend beyond colors. The show will also propose a series of seminars hosted by Première Vision’s fashion team, which will analyze the key trends for Autumn-Winter 25/26 and address the sustainability challenges facing the industry. The ‘a better way’ programme will highlight exhibitors’ sustainable initiatives, to foster a more environmentally responsible approach to fashion.

Pillars of Sustainable Fashion: Quality, Longevity, and Inclusion

The fashion industry is evolving to reduce its environmental impact by integrating sustainable practices into its manufacturing processes. This season, material and fabric choices are increasingly guided by ecological considerations, reflecting a commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion. Première Vision Paris is a full partner in this dynamic, providing a platform where innovation, creativity and sustainability converge.

Choosing fabrics at PV Paris

Exploring Excellence and Excess: From Opulence to Simplicity

A vision of Extremes

The Autumn-Winter 25/26 season is characterized by a fascinating dichotomy between opulence and simplicity. Designers are playing with striking contrasts, blending traditional techniques with modern innovations. Minimalism, now perceived as an expression of luxury, coexists with an extravagance that is both inclusive and multifaceted, forging a rich and diverse aesthetic.

Colors and Textures: A Bridge Between Heritage and Innovation

The season’s palette consists of sophisticated tones going from blues and browns to purplish and greenish hues. These colors reflect evolving techniques and materials, anchoring fashion in a multicultural and multigenerational reality. The lighter and darker shades illustrate the strength of contrasts and the diversity of aesthetic influences.

Nuancier Color Book

For buyers, this season provides a unique opportunity to discover collections combining both creativity and eco-responsibility. Whether through bold chromatic choices or sustainable commitments, Autumn-Winter 25/26 promises to be a rich season of innovations and discoveries.

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