Leather Fashion Design (LFD), magazine intended for professionals of the leather sector

LFD – Leather Fashion Design -, magazine of information, inspiration and networking, is aimed at all experts in the fashion and leather sector.

It highlights the know-how and specificities of tanners, manufacturers, craftsmen, designers, stylists…, explores the sourcing of materials, reveals confirmed or emerging creative talents, companies and brands, decrypts trends consumption, unearth value-added boutiques and concept stores, etc.

Publication of the Conseil National du Cuir and professional organizations of the French Leather Industry, LFD supports daily all professionals in the sector.

Inspiration, Art&Culture, Addresses, Manufacturing, Made in France, Collections, Sustainability, Distribution, Tech&Innovation, Network, Portraits, Services, Events… so many sections that cover all the news in the sector.

LFD is:

A webzine,, enriched daily.

A Newsleather every two weeks, condensed news from the sector.

Special print editions (CSR topics, designers, etc.).

Want to know more, make your creations, your company, your specialty known, promote your services, announce your events…? The Leather Fashion Design team is at your disposal.

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Contact: Laëtitia Blin – Chief Editor:

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