Meet the 10 finalists of the 2024 Hyères Festival 2024

Since 1986, under the leadership of Jean-Pierre Blanc, the International Fashion, Photography and Accessories Festival – Hyères has been celebrating promising young talents of the creative scene. The Fashion Competition of the 39th edition will take place at the Villa Noailles from 10 to 13 October 2024, and will reward one of the 10 finalists revealed in late January. Here’s everything you need to know about the finalists and the five-star jury.

The 10 finalists of the 2024 edition Fashion Competition

Over the years, the Hyères Festival has become an unmissable event on the fashion scene, acting as a stepping stone for young designers—winners have included Viktor & Rolf, Felipe Oliveira Baptista and Anthony Vaccarello. Last year, it was Igor Dieryck who stood out, winning no fewer than three prizes for his YESSIR collection. Who will succeed him? Here are the 10 finalists selected by the fashion jury:

Hyeres 39th festival
  • Romain Bichot (Belgium)
  • Dolev Elron (Israel)
  • Logan Goff (USA)
  • Gaëlle Halloo Lang (France)
  • Fabian Kis-Juhasz (Hungary)
  • Victor Koehler et Victoria Baia (France)
  • Tal Maslavi (Israel)
  • Julie Mouly-Pommerol (France)
  • Lilian Navarro (France)
  • Kenshiro Suzuki (Japan)

Gaelle Halloo Lang
Gaëlle Halloo Lang (France)
Dolev Elron
Dolev Elron (Israel)
Romain Bichot
Romain Bichot (France)
Lilian Navarro
Lilian Navarro (France)
Fabian Kis Juhasz
Fabian Kis Juhasz (Hungary)
Julie Mouly-Pommerol
Julie Mouly-Pommerol (France)
Logan Goff
Logan Goff (USA)
Tal Maslavi
Tal Maslavi (Israel)
Kenshiro Suzuki
Kenshiro Suzuki (Japan)
Victor Koehler & Victoria Baia
Victor Koehler & Victoria Baia (France)

Throughout the festival, the collections will be presented in showrooms and during fashion shows open to the public and professionals.

Since 2011, Première Vision has been supporting young designers by being a privileged partner of the event. The 10 finalists have been invited to the Première Vision Paris show, which runs from 6 to 8 February 2024, where they will be able to meet the best suppliers of fabrics, yarns and accessories to help them develop and produce their collections.

The winner of the Première Vision Jury’s Grand Prize will also receive a design grant worth €20,000.

Who are the members of the Fashion jury?

The jury met on 24 January at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. It is presided over by Belgian designer Nicolas Di Felice, Creative Director of Courrèges since September 2020, and guest of honour at the festival. He is joined by:

  • Laura Arguelles, Director of the Textile Department, Lesage
  • Marine Brutti, Director / artist – co founder of (LA)HORDE collective, Co-director of the Ballet national de Marseille.
  • Marie Chaix, Stylist, consultant
  • PierGiorgio Del Moro, Casting Director, DMCASTING
  • Samuel Ellis, Casting Director, DMCASTING
  • Carljin Jacobs, Photographer
  • Théo Mercier, Visual artist and stage director
  • Hari Nef, Actress
  • Mel Ottenberg, Editor in chief, Interview Magazine
  • Julia Sarr-Jamois, Fashion Director British Vogue
  • Igor Dieryck, Grand Prix of the Jury Première Vision 2023
Fashion Jury Hyeres 39

The Grand Prix of the Jury Première Vision will be announced on 13 October 2024.

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