Integrated XR for disruptive digitalization processes

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MYR is a digital portal with a constantly evolving database, able to connect all the players in the denim supply chain to recreate original looks with extreme ease: from the digitization of the design process, prototyping and industrialization of the denim product, up to the in-shop and online. MYR with its revolutionary software allows a reduction ranging from 40 to 60% of costs and environmental impact.

On the occasion of the launch of the new MYR release at DENIM PV – Milan, 2022 MYR with the aim of reaching new goals in 3D customization integrated into immersive reality, is pleased to introduce the partnership with Vection Technologies.

Vection Technologies can create totally digital products and experiences through the development of software projects and dedicated platforms, ensuring maximum quality as well as efficiency.

Vection Technologies solutions for the supply chain are the following:

EnWORKS, Remote Assistance, ShowYou and 3DFrame.

EnWORKS is a technological system for the production process that follows step by step high quality design, assistance, maintenance and training, in safety. It has been designed to address business challenges, providing real-time solutions with extraordinary benefits and significant cost reductions at all stages of processing.

Remote Assistance is a remote hands-free solution to reduce downtime problems and travel costs, but also useful for visual merchandisers to have stores under control, avoiding travel and costs for the company, but above all optimizing time and image responsiveness.

ShowYou is a web solution that allows you to connect one or more users and use a viewer to present the products to the sales network, organize meetings with the development departments to analyze the intermediate stages and connect the company’s departments or production sites between different locations.

3DFrame is a metaverse oriented app created to help companies plan and present their products when it is not possible to meet in person. With seamless integration, unique to Webex, users can engage meeting participants like never before.

Together MYR and Vection Technologies design achievable utopias to go beyond one’s borders and create a new and infinite immersive world.

Want to know more?

Visit our websites and, our page on the Première Vision Marketplace and come and see our team booth A15 on 23 & 24 November at Denim PV Milan.


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