Initiate an Era of Textile Constructionism

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VSK Tech is a high tech enterprise based on computer information technology pioneering in the field of innovative textiles.

VSK uses self-patented AI technology to simulate fabric construction in real time, displaying digital fabric and garments styles combining its 30 years of textile development and production experience as well as supply chain resources to introduce endless innovative fabric development ideas to the market.

NAO Virtual Knitting Machine can realize 100 different fabric structures per second on a single computer and display on the computer screen the different fabric structures and garment mockups in real time. Often when new structures are created might be discarded due to the high cost of knitting out samples, but with NAO samples don’t need to be produced to see the result can simply view the digital mockup first and only when the design is confirmed proceed with production so there is an element of sustainability to this process and of course expanding creative and innovation capabilities for textile design and production. It is also very efficient because NAO helps reducing creative verification time by 99% and fabric development time by 60%.

Since the invention of the traditional loom, humans have only created a little over 20,000 fabric structures, so NAO is a disruptive force in the textile and tech field. Since NAO AI can create endless textiles constructions, the NAO team have curated a selection of knitted fabrics called NAO textiles, mostly focusing on worsted wool knit fabrics with a sustainability angle due to the credentials of the raw materials we choose to work with such as merino wool and other environmentally friendly blends incorporating for example bamboo, modal and recycled nylon.

Due to its quick response and mature internal resources, VSK can also provide a fast return even on small orders; due to its technology background, VSK can also predict market demands and hold stock on some popular fabrics styles.

VSK truly encapsulates the next frontier of seamless integration of technology in textile, initiating a new era of textile constructionism.

To learn more please visit VSK Tech’s booth 6HUB52 Hall 6 – Smart Creation


Sales Contact: Joe Cheng

Marketing/PR  Contact: Lucrezia Seu

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