Indigo Textile and Authentic Ajrak

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Innovations through Traditions

At Denim Première Vision on June 5th – 6th, Indigo Textile, one of the most innovative and reliable Pakistani mills, presented AJRAK, a project developed in collaboration with local artisans.

During the event, a limited series of AJRAK was given to a master of denim like Antonio di Battista, Adriano Goldshmied, M+F Girbaud, Jimmy Taverniti, Anna Glaganenko, Ksenia Schnaider, creatives Influencers, and journalists.

An Authentic Indigo Ajrak is the result of a unique collaboration with skilled local artisans from Hala District, Sindh, paying tribute to Pakistan’s rich heritage and vibrant culture. By using age-old, chemical-free techniques, each Ajrak is a handmade masterpiece.

Lovingly block-printed and indigo-dyed, each Ajrak tells a story of tradition, dedication, and timeless beauty.

Ajrak Indigo Textile
Introducing Ajrak by Indigo Textile

A 5,000-year Legacy

The Indigo Ajrak is a heartfelt homage to the Sindhi Ajrak, a symphony of craftsmanship resonating with a 5,000-year legacy. This organic marvel is more than just a piece of textile; it’s a canvas of emotions from Sindh, painted by the skilled hands of unsung heroes. hued with the essence of indigo, each piece is a living testament to the dedication of artisans who invest their lives in this thorough, It’s a time-consuming process. As a denim mill, Indigo Textile is proud to be reviving. This piece of ancient art, bringing the stories of these silent maestros to a global stage.

The Making of Sindhi Indigo Ajrak

The creation of the Ajrak involves a meticulous process comprising 16 to 18 different steps, without the use of any machines. This production requires around 4,500 blocks, with Block pieces measuring approximately 4 x 4.5 inches, covering the entire fabric. Fundamental to an Ajrak is indigo dyeing; its absence renders the piece incomplete. Thus, natural indigo is a crucial element in its traditional representation. Witness the skill, dedication, and age-old techniques that make each Indigo Ajrak a true masterpiece of Pakistani heritage.

Traditional Ajrak

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