Indigo Icons: Adriano Goldschmied, the godfather of denim

A 50-year passion for denim

In 1974, Adriano Goldschmied created his first premium jeans brand: Daily Blue. Since then, the pioneer of “premium denim”, founded Diesel, Replay, Gap 1969, Agolde, Goldsign and AG Adriano Goldschmied, earning the nickname “godfather of denim”.

Almost 50 years later, Adriano Goldschmied is now reinventing Daily Blue with the same energy and the same thirst for innovation, injecting the dynamism of the times into the present and the future.

Daily Blue is one of the 16 brands participating in the 3rd edition of the Denim Fashion District in Berlin. More info here →

Interview with Adriano Goldschmied, a Denim PV Berlin Indigo Icon

Première Vision: You are known as the “godfather of denim” and have been working with denim for a long time now, where does passion come from? 

Adriano Goldschmied: “I have been in the denim business more then 50 years and I saw the evolutions and revolutions in design and industry. This is probably one of the main reasons why I love this business. There is a continuous improvement from the technical point of view but also in aesthetic. What I love is that denim is not just a design exercise, but it is connected directly with the people, the new lifestyle and the fight for a better and circular industry opening the way to a zero impact business.”

©Daily Blue
©Daily Blue
©Daily Blue

“In the end, denim has a soul and that’s what I love about it.”

– Adriano Goldschmied

PV: In your experience, what would you say makes for a good denim brand today? 

Adriano Goldschmied: “Good denim brands today have to be able to give a beautiful product and make consumers happy by doing it in the best possible way according to new technologies and innovations.”

PV: What is the story behind Daily Blue, the first denim brand you created in the 70s, and why did you choose to relaunch it today? 

Adriano Goldschmied: “Daily Blue, in the 70’s, was one of the first brands creating fashion and trends in denim. Today I think it’s the right time again to add something to the basic jeans business, more fantasy and more options giving a reason for consumers to go back to the stores. The new Daily Blue is not a replica of what I did in the 70’s as we are thinking about trends to come but I think it’s great to bring back the spirit of that time and the love for denim.

PV: Finally, what are we going to see from Daily Blue at the next Denim PV in Berlin and what would you like visitors to remember from this edition? 

Adriano Goldschmied: “In addition to show the global denim collections I think the buyers will remember the effort of showing new and creative brands that are designing the denim of the future. I hope that this can be a good way to connect the industry to the design.”

Join us on May 31 & June 1 at Denim Première Vision Berlin to meet with Adriano in person, discover her most iconic pieces and enjoy a deep dive into the world of denim!

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