Innovation, comfort and sustainability

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Responsibly-grown and upcycled products for a more sustainable fashion

Founded in 1955 in Cittadella, Italy, Imbotex, led by female leadership, is a leader in the production of natural and recycled insulation paddings. Its DNA has always been about circular economy, a concept responding to the company’s sustainable development desire.

Imbotex products

An innovative production method implied an active and strategic role for the company in rethinking processes, intentions, and supply chain relationships.

Innovation and technical improvements contributed to very important successes, of which we mention three.

Nouvelle, a recycled padding with unique insulation properties. The recycling process starts by collecting silk scraps from high quality fashion scraps. Through a mechanical process, these fabrics’ waste are transformed into very fine fibers, decolored GOTS-approved substances, and blended with PLA to create a new, super light, highly insulating, upcycled padding.

Luxepad: the efforts to improve resulted in the creation of this award-winning product (Best Product in Fibers and Insulations category, ISPO 2021), marketed by Imbotex Lab. Imbotex  Lab was born in 2019 and holds a patent for a purely mechanical process for the upcycling of pre-consumer / post-industrial scraps, zero waste, zero water and with low environmental impact. The word “upcycling” is a neologism that combines two concepts that do not always go hand in hand: a) the idea of recycling, and b) the idea of improving quality even if waste materials are used, hence the prefix “up”.

Eventually, a very new product Imbotex is proud to introduce is PUR-FILL, powered by Purfi. These high-quality recycled paddings are manufactured from one of the most underrated raw materials on Earth: textile waste.

Nous croyons fermement que le rajeunissement est l’une des approches les plus durables pour produire des textiles, bouclant la boucle en vu d’un monde circulaire, transparent et durable.

Sustainable innovation will change the world: upcycling, using organically-grown fibers are just some of the actions we are taking to improve the way we look at Earth.

We believe the transition from a linear to a circular economy is the solution to create new development opportunities in terms of competitiveness, innovation, environment, and work, safeguarding our planet.

Come meet our team on the Première Vision Paris show, Hall 6 Booth 6T1

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