How plant motifs are evolving for Autumn-Winter 24-25

In the Autumn-Winter 24-25 collections, the art of embellishment continues to pursue a natural vein. This season, the tree is explored from every angle.

Decoration : The anatomy of plants

This Autumn Winter 24-25, branches, the veins of leaves, barks and wood textures are all meticulously observed. Their graphic transcriptions are transposed onto fabrics in naturalistic expressions. An anatomical exploration of plants that unfolds in 360-degree fashion on the material, with silks, embroideries, jacquards and prints showcasing stylized and graphic motifs. Foliage invades floral patterns, creating a dual decorative effect by overlaying or merging with a flower and its leaf. The new plant-based graphic vocabulary shakes off conventional floral motifs, becoming a potential stand-in for classic camouflage and animal-skin patterns.

Precious decorative mimicry

Intentionally oversized and slightly surreal botanical motifs are showcased on a grand scale, inspired by furnishing tapestries and expanding the possibilities of clothing expression. Patterns are delicately embroidered, embellished with sequins and beads, echoing precious decorations. Overlapping ornamental techniques elevate the materials. The intricate veins of leaves are etched into inlaid guipure and embroidered onto tulle, a precise expression of savoir-faire, or blossom across a double jacquard knit. Laminated or delicately metallic laces evoke barks. Embroidered branches intertwine, creating graphic designs that occasionally veer to the abstract. A return to the essence, to the structure of nature, at the heart of a season celebrating a symbiotic harmony with the organic world.

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