How does Solar Vision influence the Première Vision color range for AW 24-25?

SOLAR VISION, one of the season’s main inspirations, lights up the season’s developments. Long considered divine or sacred by civilizations and mythologies, the sun, with its universal, renewable energy, has a new symbolism in today’s context where resources are becoming scarce.These messages are reflected in the range’s three symbolic shades. 

N°7 – Yellow Clay, reflects the symbiosis of earth and light.  Imposing and discreet, it fuses liveliness and neutrality.Golden, natural, it suits all product categories.

N° 14 – Sun, the color : versatile, dynamic and mystical, its powerful radiance energizes the season.

N°12 – True Orange, symbolizes pure energy. As fascinating as a blood red, as incandescent as the heart of the sun, boldly radical and seductive.

These yellowy and orangey hues warm and brighten Autumn-Winter 24-25, applied transparently like a solar filter to diffuse over surfaces, or by overexposed pattern treatments, highlighted by an occasionally slipped in metallic shine. The sun’s universal message guides us towards unisex harmonies and transversal uses. The sun shines through in collections, as much in sports items as in tailored or fantasy looks, imbued with a retro-casual aesthetic or, conversely, an alternative, futuristic edge.

Solarized shadows

As if to imitate the risings and settings of our star of the day, the range’s sunshine yellow, yellow clay and orange hues surge up behind grayish and brownish darks, forming luminous shadows. Mysterious chiaroscuros with warm reflections emerge from darkness to liven up surfaces. Luminous halos on dresses and tops, obtained by a solarized interplay of haziness or silky transparencies. The feeling of movement created by these fleeting shadows is underscored by irregular dyes that recast the style codes of grunge in a refined, unisex tailored vein, for jacket-trouser ensembles in piece-dyed denim, or even leathers with warmed-up sheens.


An absolute, radical winter sun overexposes colors to transfigure designs and motifs. Bright, multi-colored combinations boosted by a powerful solarized effect. Surprisingly for winter, tones are luminous and flirt with summery color schemes. Shades worked with tactile effects for fantasy and genderless items, in full-on looks worked in printed velvets. Harmonies equally suited to silky or fibrous jacquards or brushed mohair knits, to heighten the textured effect.

Beyond its solar vision, the PV Autumn-Winter 24-25 color range conveys the season’s major directions, transcribed and manifested in color. We invite you to discover this Winter’s major themes in our article introducing Autumn-Winter 24-25, as well as in future articles decoding current trends and future fashion directions.

The range in its entirety, 25 shades, will be displayed at the Première Vision show next July 4, 5 and 6, at the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte.

The Autumn-Winter 24-25 PV Color Book will be available for purchase on the PREMIÈRE VISION PARIS SHOW the 4th, 5th and 6th of July, and online from July 10th

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