[PV NY Talk] – Acquire Generative AI Skills and Harness the Power of Technology: Expert Guidance to Unlock Brand Success & Prioritize Sustainability

Wed. January 17 / 1 pm – 2 pm
Thur. January 18 / 12 pm – 1 pm
Seminar Room, First floor

PV NY Talk AI and power of technology

Embark on a keynote journey of creating a unique, best-selling collection with Generative AI technologies backed by consumers’ analytics. Discover a captivating assortment featuring sustainable fabrics crafted by Groyyo, a pioneer in leveraging exclusive production technologies. Learn how to prioritize sustainability by minimizing waste and maximizing overall productivity incorporating the right technologies through the value chain. Schedule personalized 1-on-1 workshop sessions before and after the Keynote with Industry Professionals to unlock additional insights.

Talk presented by Julie A. Evans, Fashion Tech Expert & Mathilda Kalaveshi, Fashion Retail Expert / Sustalytics

With a decade of experience in the fashion industry, including 4 years as Head of Buying & Design at Zara, Julie pivoted into Technology to address Sustainability. As the Founder of Sustalytics, a Fashion Tech company focused on predicting Bestsellers to reduce waste, she seamlessly integrates cutting-edge Technology across the entire supply chain with innovative manufacturing partners like Groyyo.

For the past two decades, Matilda has worked for numerous retailers in the fields of e-commerce, domestic, international, and duty-free markets and has become a Key Opinion Leader and Expert in the Industry.  Currently, Ms. Kalaveshi heads her own Retail Consulting Boutique where she helps Brands and Retailers build and grow profitable businesses. Her areas of focus include ecommerce, omnichannel retail, pricing, news, consumer trends, emerging brands, new retail developments.

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