From Turkey to the world: quality, service, style and love for nature, all equally important.

The ethical code of a modern firm, according to which there’s no growth without constant green investments.

Emre Koçik, KOMET METAL General Manager with his partner Mark Allevi and with the founder Metin Allevi, are the men who over the last few years have spearheaded this foremost producer of zamak and brass accessories through a virtuous path, which led it to become the number 1 manufacturer of metal accessories worldwide, and attain the coveted STEP (worldwide accepted certification for sustainability).

They have their own vision on sustainability. And they are the only one in the world since 4 years who has STEP BY OEKOTEX for metal accessories. This year they became the highest level of it 3rd. In addition they continue to make progress for sustainability and they attend on program of ocean bound plastics for the buttons which has plastic inserts. They are also very serious at chemical management, environmental performance, environmental management, social responsibility, quality management, safety, detox to zero performance, wastewater and sludge, mrsl (a list created to specify the substances deemed harmful or dangerous, of which no trace should be found in clothing).

KOMET METAL can boast many other equally important certifications, making it, on the global scenario, an ethical and reliable partner for major international fashion and prêt-à-porter firms. To mention just a few: REC STANDARD; CERTIFICATO CLIMA NEUTRO 2021, with the GoGreen Climate Neutral services; DHL Certification, certification released by Deutsche Post DHL Group, which verifies and certifies the declared greenhouse gas emissions, including emissions resulting from transport and logistics, as well as the emissions from fuel and energy production, calculated and compensated by KOMET METAL by means of investments in environmental protection projects; SGS; OEKO TEX…

Emre Koçik

Emre Kocik states that the successful growth of the company is based on the right investments and experiences. He is aware that quality is due to the achievement of energy saving targets (100% of energy needs are met from the energy produced by windmills), as well as sustainability and social sustainability targets.

In addition, the company offers quick solutions to production problems that its customers may encounter. Realizing that after-sales assistance is not enough today, the KOMET METAL family is struggling with the large KOMET METAL family, which counts 150 employees- is to constantly maintain very high quality standards.

KOMET METAL today has operations in 26 countries worldwide, and its average production capacity amounts to 50,000,000 pieces per month. Over 30 years in the sector, the firm has achieved exacting European production compliance standards and relevant certifications. A team of proficient professionals enables the company to be a top player in the fashion scene, while the company’s professional designers interpret the latest trends and supports their clients with exclusive projects and collections.

KOMET METAL, with its latest creations, will be at DENIM Première Vision Berlin, from 31st May to 1st June 2023. Also in Première Vision Paris at 4-5-6 June 2023.


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